Wisdom of the Jedi  

Obi-Wan Kenobi, "The Force Binds the Galaxy Together"

What is "The Force"?

In very ancient times, Jedi concluded that an energy field pervades and maintains the galaxy, or, as Obi-Wan once said, "it binds the galaxy together." Known in the ancient, sacred Jedi tongue as "puhrumbruhm", this energy field quickly became more commonly known as "The Force."

The Force is the pure energy of awareness and consciousness itself. It links all sentient and non-sentient things, all space, and all time. Thus, if you are aware of your contact with The Force, you are potentially aware of all things, places, persons and even all times past, present and future.

The Force touches all things, and a Jedi is never out of touch with The Force. That is why a Jedi can move objects without physically touching them. The Force is in your heart. Thus a Jedi who knows The Force can know the feelings you hide inside. A Jedi can see the myriad possibilities of the future because he can see The Force, which permeates not only the present, but the past and future(s) as well.

Therefore, as Darth Vader often noted, the Force is the most powerful entity in existence, far more powerful than even the mighty Death Star.

When they were still a newly founded group, the Jedi sought to understand the identity of The Force. It is, they found, without specific identity though not without specific origin. Determining the identity of the Origin of The Force, however, was a difficult task even for those pure and determined Jedi of old. Individual Jedi arrived at slightly different conclusions. What they all agreed upon, however, was this: The galaxy, the universe, and everything exist within The Force, and that Force originates from an ultimate and para-cosmic Will.



What is "The Force"? (Detailed)

How can I learn to "use The Force"?


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