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Where Does a Jedi Go When He Dies?

Question: Could you please put this question up on to your page? And your answer too. - Where does a jedi go after he dies?

Answer: Every Jedi is different, and therefore goes to a different place after death.

One thing is the same, though, they all go somewhere. In other words life, for the Jedi or any other, does not begin or end with the beginning or ending of the present body.

As Master Yoda said, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

The Life Force ("Living Force") is different from the body it inhabits, and continues to exist when the body dies.

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As for the question of where a Jedi's Living Force goes after the demise of his body, the ancient holocubes tell us:

yuhmyuhm vahpee smuruhn bhavam
tuhdtuhd sudah tuhd bhahvuh bhahvituhm

Ones desires and merits always determine ones destination. The same is true with transition of bodily forms. Ones goes by the arrangement of the Greater Force to the type of existence one prefers and deserves.

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Now what about Jedi? Where do they desire and deserve to go?

As we began, every Jedi is different. In general they enter into a consummate relation with the Force and the Origin of the Force, according to how they understood and realized that Entity. This is commonly known as "Liberation" or "Ultimate Enlightenment."

This does not mean the Jedi ceases to be active in relation to this world. Similar to the Buddhist Boddhisatva concept, enlightened Jedis - Yoda, Obi-Wan and the redeemed Anakin are popular Star Wars examples - often continue to interface with this shadowy world for the sake of aiding those who remain here.

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